How Sugar is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

Every year around Halloween, I am terrified by the thought of all of the sugar, candy and treats that my kids will bring home. How many times have you tried to avoid the infamous bag that your kids bring home? You are not alone. We know that sugar can derail any weight loss plans that you have. I thought I'd share a few reasons why so the next time you go to grab the candy bag, you may think twice.

Having too much sugar in your body can trick your body into holding onto weight or gaining weight, making it very difficult to manage a healthy body. When you have too much sugar in your body, it doesn’t stimulate insulin properly. This ultimately causes your hunger hormone to work in overdrive, which is why you tend to eat more or feel hungrier after you have eaten foods with a lot of added sugar. When you keep feeling hungry, you eat more to be satiated, and thus have a much higher risk of gaining weight.

Your liver has a hard time keeping up when you consume too many foods with added sugar, since fructose can overload it. Sugar will be broken down into fructose and glucose, and your liver can only metabolize so much of it at one time. This may lead to issues later on with your liver. It is important to note that the amount of fructose needed to overload your liver is only possible with an excessive amount of added sugar, so fructose found in fruit is likely not nearly enough to cause this. Wouldn't you rather your liver metabolize fat than the added sugar that you just ate?

Sugar can also cause you to eat more calories. Food with sugar typically has high calories but they are low in nutrients. This will leave you wanting more to eat. This is especially true with sugary drinks.

Sugar is very addictive. The more you eat, the more your body wants to consume. One way to stop this vicious cycle is to do a detox. I've created a detox quiz that will help you determine if you need a detox.

Click here to take this short quiz to see if you need to detox.