How to Eat Healthy at a BBQ

Eating healthy can be easy to handle while you are at home, but when you have to go somewhere like a BBQ, it gets a little more complicated. The following tips provide a lot of helpful advice when attending one and also sticking to your diet.

Bring Something to the BBQ

This is by far the easiest way to handle going to any event where food is involved and

you are on a diet. You can’t control everything being served, but you can definitely have

at least one thing you can eat by bringing it yourself. Whether it is vegetarian, vegan,

Paleo or Keto-friendly, or just a lighter option, there are plenty of things you can bring

that you can eat and others will enjoy as well.

Use Smaller Plates

Portions are a little harder to judge when you aren’t yet used to eyeballing things, but

can’t really get out your measuring cups and spoons during a barbecue. Another option

is to just fill up a smaller plate or small bowl instead of the larger plates. Many potlucks

and barbecues will offer different types of plates for serving, so definitely take

advantage of them.

Fill Up on Veggies and Fruit

To make your BBQ food choices healthier, fill up your plate with the veggies and fruit

first, then add in your lean protein and other options later. Ignore all the desserts and

chips for the time being. With fruit salad, be careful with what is included. Some of them

will use a light dressing on top instead of just plain fruit.

Skip the Drinks

Go for just water when you are at a barbecue. Soda, alcoholic beverages, and juice just add to the sugar and calories of your meal. Save all that for the delicious food you are about to consume. Even diet soda can lead to sugar cravings, and isn’t good for you anyway, so try to find bottled water if it is being offered.

Take One Trip

When it's your turn to go through the line, chose wisely. Fill your plate with a lean protein, veggies, and fruit. If there is something that you want to indulge in, it's okay. Just make sure that the portion size is small. Eat slow, enjoy your food and try not to make a second trip through the line, unless you are filling up on fruits and veggies.

While all of these tips are helpful, remember, the key words are moderation and being mindful when you are eating. Remember to have fun and enjoy the people you are with.