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Family Road Trip to Beautiful Kiawah Island

For spring break this year our family decided to take a road trip to Kiawah Island South Carolina. The trip was Just over 10 hours trip. That sounds like a long time, but it actually went by fast. We left about 3:00 in the morning so that the girls would fall right back and sleep. By the time they woke up we were already six hours into the trip. We had plenty of electronics healthy snacks and car games that help the time go by quickly.

We arrived at the Kiawah island resort which is about 45 minutes from downtown Charleston South Carolina. It is a gated community that has a hotel but it also has villas that you can rent. We stayed in a two bedroom, two bath villa with a full kitchen and enclosed patio. I booked directly through the Kiawah Island resort so that I could have access to all of the amenities on the resort. The resort has a great nature center that houses some of the local wildlife in the area. There is also a board where guests can record wildlife that they’ve seen and the location at the resort. You would mostly see sightings of alligators a few snakes but mostly deer. Thank goodness we only saw deer.

The resort also has a few swimming areas a place for you to rent bikes and numerous trails around the property. Our trip was at the last weekend of March going into April. While the weather was nice there were a few days that were in the 60s. On the warm days we were able to visit the pool, take a quick dip in the ocean and visit some of the nature trails. The day that we decided to ride bikes along the beach, it was actually a little chilly, but we had fun!

One day of the trip we decided to drive 45 minutes into Charleston to eat have a family photo shoot and check out the city. This is one of the things that I really liked about the location of Kiawah. It was secluded enough for you to get away but the city life was not too far away. Charleston is beautiful! It has great restaurants beautiful scenery and several beaches along the way if you want to stop. We took advantage of the scenary and did a family photo shoot while in the city.

We all really enjoyed the trip. I asked the girls what they enjoyed most. The 6 year old said that she enjoyed the pool. The 10 year old said that she enjoyed the space of the villa and the fact that we could cook as a family one night.

We will definitely visit Kiawah again!


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