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Things to do at Disney without a Toddler

The past Mother’s Day weekend one of my best friends asked me to go to Orlando with her for a work conference that she was attending. My reply was, Sure! Why not?! I love Disney, warm weather and self-care. We arrived in Orlando Thursday afternoon. We had lunch and decided to head to the outlets for a little retail therapy. We only spent a few hours there so that we could get a nap in prior to heading to a Lady Gaga concert that was apart of the conference. I’ve never seen her perform before but she was amazing. Afterwards we walked around Front Street to see what was still open we caught a bite to eat and visited one of the bars for a few minutes. Who knew that downtown Orlando’s nightlife was so vibrant on a Thursday night.

The next morning we had planned to wake up early and hit Magic Kingdom so that we could get a full day in. But since we didn’t have kids waking us up super early, we decided to sleep in a little. By sleep in I mean 8:00 A.M. 😂. My body automatically woke earlier so I took a nap until 8:00. We stayed at the B hotel which isn’t a Disney property but it is very close. It has transportation that takes you to the parks as well. We arrived at the park around 10:00 A.M. I wouldn’t recommend getting to Disney this late, especially if you are only visiting for one day. It was okay for us because we’ve been to Disney several times with the kids.

We were able to catch a parade, grab lunch and then head to the rides that we don’t usually get to go on with younger kids. No Fantasy Land for us! Typically visiting Disney with small kids you spend a lot of time in Fantasy Land. There are plenty of things for adults to do at Disney. We rode rides like Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs Mine train, just to name a few. We made sure that we were able to ride all of the rides that we typically can’t ride due to the height of our kids or just because they are scared and don’t want to ride that day.

What we realized is that once we were there, we actually missed our kids. We kept pointing out things that they would like or things we’ve done in the past with them. A few things we did enjoy was not sharing our Dole Whip, no multiple trips to the bathroom, and no meltdowns or tantrums from tired kids.

We left prior to the fireworks show and headed over to Disney Springs for Seafood and an adult beverage. The next day we had brunch at Chef Art Smith's Homecomin' in Disney Springs. The food and drinks were delicious. We then headed to the hotel to layout by the pool and catch a quick swim before our flight. We wanted to take in every minute of mommy self-care prior to heading back. We had a great time in a short amount of time and made it back the day before Mother’s Day so that we could spend time with our families.

I'm considering making this an annual tradition. Would you be interested in a Mother's Day getaway?


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