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4 Tips for Eating Healthy with a Busy Lifestyle

If you're anything like me, it can be very difficult to find the time that you need in order to stay healthy and in shape. Over the past several years my weight has fluctuated. Some of the causes may have been from eating the wrong things, claiming that I was too busy to work out, or just not being motivated enough. In actuality eating healthy even with a busy schedule is quite simple. Figuring out what works best for your body and staying consistent is what’s most important. Although finding the right plan for you may take some time to figure out, once you find what works, It will take dedication and consistency to execute your plan. Here are some tips for eating healthy even with a busy lifestyle.

Find Foods That Make Great Leftovers

Not all leftovers have to be disgusting or boring. A small amount of food prep can help you set aside some quickly reheated meals that are healthy and delicious. I like to prepare my chicken or fish with basic (not bland) seasonings so that I can switch up toppings through the week. For breakfast you can try overnight oats with milk, cinnamon and your favorite fruit or seasonings. This can be made at night and ready in the morning. Staying open and having imagination can save a lot of time.

Make Simple Meals

A lot of people underestimate the power of simple meals. These can be as easy as a chicken breast and broccoli. If you get extra creative, you can add mushrooms or peppers. If you want, you can even sprinkle some low fat cheese to give it more protein, or you can have a simple salad to help your digestive system. These high fiber simple meals are really great for your digestive system.

Explore Soups and Stews

A hearty stew or soup can be one of the best ways for you to get your complete nutrition. Often times soups can contain all major food groups in one meal. Even though the foods are being heated, many of them will retain the majority of their nutritional content, so the various mixes of veggies and spices can do some great work for your body. If you make a large enough batch early in the week, then you can portion it into single servings so it can be reheated for lunch on busy workdays. I like to add items such as chicken, cabbage, or beans to make a more filling soup.


What could be better than a smoothie for a busy lifestyle? Most of the smoothies that I make contain water, spinach or kale, a small amount of frozen fruit, and protein powder. The protein powder helps me stay fuller longer and provides the protein quantity that I typically like to get in my daily nutrients. The protein powder that I use also adds more flavor without added sugar. You can choose to use yogurt or juice but this will increase your calories. Toss some items into freezer bags so that you have pre-portioned bags for easy blending later. This will help you save time when in a rush.

These are a only a few tips to help you stay on track and maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are super busy. The best thing about the items mentioned above is that my kids also enjoy eating them, even the green smoothies. I hope you find these tips helpful. Comment below and let me know how you maintain healthy eating with a busy schedule.


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