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7 Easy Ways to Sweat Out Toxins

Last month we talked about simple ways to detox. Sweating was one of those ways. When you want to eliminate the toxins from your body, exercising to release perspiration is a great idea. First, you will want to drink a lot of water before, during and after an exercise routine. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee or soft drinks. Although I love coffee, caffeine can dehydrate your body, leading to health problems while you are working out. While sweating is found to be beneficial in getting rid of some toxins in the body, the best way to remove toxins is through the liver and kidneys. I will discuss this more in a future post. Here are some types of exercise that I like that will help you to sweat.


Tabata is a type of specialized interval training that was designed in the late 1990s. A researcher wanted to create an interval-training program for athletes that would only require 30-minutes while also creating excellent results. This training program requires several minutes of intense activity followed by 10-seconds of rest for a total of eight rounds of exercise.

Climbing Stairs

Walking up or down a flight of stairs is a great way to perspire. You can complete this activity in your own home or an apartment building. If you are traveling, then you can perform this exercise in a hotel that has several levels. You can also buy a stair-climber machine that permits you to continue walking on the steps as long as you like.

Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is a popular form of exercise that involves performing postures in a room that is heated. For this type of exercise, the yoga studio is kept at a high humidity so that you perspire a lot. As soon as you enter a hot yoga room, you will begin to sweat, releasing the dangerous toxins from your body.


One of the best ways to perspire is by spinning on a stationary bicycle several times a week. You can visit a local gym that has specialized spinning bicycles, or you can buy one to keep in your own home. Experts recommend a 45-minute spinning session to enjoy the most benefits from this type of exercise.


If you want to increase your muscle strength in addition to eliminating toxins, then join a weightlifting class. At a gym in your neighborhood, you can find barbells and free weights to help you sweat. In addition, there are often specialized machines that permit you to lift weights with your legs while you are sitting if that is an issue.


You can enjoy running in almost any neighborhood or on the treadmill. This form of exercise is easy to perform alone or with others. A long run can help you to perspire to remove the toxins from your tendons or muscles to improve your overall well-being. I typically like to do interval running mixed with walking.

Warming Up and Aftercare with a Sauna Treatment

Before beginning any exercise routine, you may want to warm up first. One of the best ways to warm up is by using a sauna at an exercise gym or day spa. A sauna treatment can help you to release toxins from your body. You can also have a sauna treatment after an exercise routine to soothe your sore muscles. I will stay in the sauna 10 to 15 minutes before or after exercise.


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