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Why I bought my first and LAST Starbucks Medicine Ball

Yes, I may be late to the whole Starbucks medicine ball (a.k.a. Honey Citrus Mint Tea) trend. I had my very first medicine ball this week and it was also my last. After waking up and not feeling my best I decided to try a Starbucks medicine ball at the suggestion of a friend. It was delicious!

The fruity peppermint and citrus flavors all mixed together were great and they made me feel better. But after researching I saw that the popular Starbucks drink has 30 grams of sugar. If you add the suggested 4 pumps of peppermint syrup to a grande size, at 5 grams of sugar per pump, that’s a whopping 50 grams of sugar!!

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I decided to do my own research and try to make it myself. Not only would it cost less but it would have less sugar as well. I headed to Target and found all of the ingredients that I needed. It was so easy to make, has less sugar and cost less than the Starbucks version. It cost me less than $1 to make a cup compared to over $3.00 for the Starbucks grande version.

See below why the medicine ball tea makes you feel better

If you want to use the same Teavana brand tea that Starbucks uses they sell that at Target as well. It’s about twice the price as the Simply Balanced brand and you get fewer packets, but it’s good! The only differences that I taste between the homemade medicine ball and the Starbucks medicine ball are the more fruity flavors and the absence of the peppermint syrup. The mint tea helps give you the taste and benefit of peppermint but the flavor isn’t as strong. You can always add an additional mint tea bag if you prefer.


1 lemon

16 oz of water

1 bag Simply Balanced Zen Green Tea

1 bag Simply Balanced Peach Honey Tea

1 bag Simply Balanced Mint Tea

honey to taste


Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into a microwave-safe mug with the 16 oz of water and stir. Heat for 2 minutes (Alternatively, you can also heat the mixture in a pan on the stove).

Add the tea bags and let steep 3-5 minutes. Stir in desired amount of honey (I add about 2 teaspoons). You can add a little stevia if you need it a little sweeter. Discard tea bags and enjoy!

Why does the Medicine Ball tea make you feel better?

Let’s talk about why the “Medicine Ball” makes you feel better. I took a look at the ingredients and found information both scientific and testimonials about the benefits thought to be provided by the ingredients in the tea at made at home and the Starbucks Medicine Ball.

Possible Ingredient benefits:

Lemons- provides vitamin C

Honey- Reduces cough symptoms and antioxidant rich

In Zen Green Tea:

Green Tea- antioxidants

Lemon Verbana- used for digestive disorders and colds

Spearmint- antioxidants, digestive disorders

Lemongrass- boost immunity

In Peach Tranquility:

Peaches- Vitamin C and antioxidants

Licorice Root (in peach tea)- immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties

Chamomile (in peach tea)- immune boaster and treats cold symptoms, helps with sleep

In Mint Tea:

Peppermint- Relieves clogged sinuses, helps with sleep

Whether you chose to go to Starbucks or make it at home, this soothing tea is perfect for winter or if you have a cold.


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